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Efficient and competent

Real Estate Accelerator

We increase the value of properties by improving their occupancy rate. This enables them to better serve their owners, users and society as a whole.

On business trips, I noticed how ridiculously real estate is used. In the mornings, I would leave for work from an almost empty hotel. At the office, on the other hand, I was often the last one in the entire building in the early evening."

– Tommi Saari, DUP's innovator

Better properties, better life

The world is changing, and real estate must change with it. More efficient use of buildings is a huge opportunity both from an economic point of view and from an environmental point of view. By increasing the utilization rate of properties, they can generate more income, save the environment and serve people better. Digitization allows properties to become genuinely multifunctional in an efficient way. Better real estate creates a better life!

The multiple use of properties is constantly developing. Want to learn more?

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We develop, invest in and sell properties for living, accommodation and business needs. DUP is a real estate accelerator.

How we bring buildings to life

We put versatility first when we design buildings

Modern building technology, spaces and adaptability make a property better for all the ways it will be used.

The starting point may be a plot of land or an existing building

We build new multi-use properties and bring life, productivity and functionality to old properties.

Increased occupation rate with modern solutions

Our concept makes real estate truly functional for users, services and owners. The best example of this is VALO Hotel & Work, which is a hotel at night and an office during the day - among other things.

We operate sustainably

Increasing the occupancy rate of properties is a responsible action for the environment, society and people. Less energy is consumed, the urban structure becomes more efficient and people have better facilities.

Built on a digital platform

Our multi-use concept is based on an open digital platform that controls building system, among other things.

Values that govern

the development of multi-purpose properties


Improving the occupancy rate of properties and carrying out environmentally-friendly renovations help protect the environment.


Our solutions are economically and socially sustainable. They generate returns on investments and make everyday life easier.


We make properties aesthetically and functionally pleasant places for living, working and leisure.


We develop truly multi-use properties in such a way that versatility creates significant added value.


Tuomo Mertaniemi


+358 40 774 7661

Timo Lehesniemi

Timo Lehesniemi

CFO, Tradenom

+358 40 825 8667

Janne Riihimäki

Janne Riihimäki

Chairman of the board, AA, VT, M.Sc

+358 40 847 2666

Hannu Holma

Hannu Holma

Board member, RI

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